Beat the Clot

jeff thompsonJeff was an active police officer for over 18 years dedicating his life to fighting crime and serving the CSRA community until his life was completely changed on May 18, 2010 when a blood clot formed in his cerebral vein causing him to have a brain bleed along with a stroke which later led to the loss of a large portion of his vision. Although Jeff had battled blood clots since 2001 the clots in 2010 were so debilitating that his life became forever changed. Since 2010 he has suffered numerous clots in his heart causing him to have open heart surgery in November 2011- new clots have since formed in the heart grafts and there is nothing the physicians can do at this point to stop them or reopen the heart vessels. This site is dedicated to raise awareness not only for Jeff's cause but for all the other people fighting daily against the battle of clotting disorders. It is our goal to raise enough awareness so that maybe one day a cure can be found to help others. Instead of putting on his uniform each day to fight crime Jeff fights clotting daily....this site is his story.




An account has been set up specifically for mounding medical expenses for Jeff and his family- donations can be made at any Wells Fargo care of Benefit for Jeff Thompson....all proceeds go directly to the Thompson family to assist with Jeff's physician, hospital bills and medication and care expenses.